Kendine Yeterli Toplum: Yerellik ve Doğayla Uyumlu Ekolojik Yaşam

Individual and Community Level Sustainability & Ecological Design 

Daily routine: 8 hrs 

Morning session from 8am-12pm 

Afternoon: 1-5pm 

Spontaneous YOGA/Tai-chi in the morning between 7-7:30am -Asking some people to lead and contribute from the group. 

Breakfast: 7-8am 

Lunch: 12-1pm 


DAY 1: 14 August 


Welcome SPIRAL, Initial connection, Group gathering & Presentation of the classes 

Activity 1: Team presentation and basic orientations. 

Activity 2: PLAY-The web of life 

Activity 3: Biodance: 


Activity 4: Temporary dry/compost toilet building – including a primer on concepts & establishing at the site. 


DAY 2: 15 August 


Permaculture Philosophy & Design Principles 

Introduction to ethics and principles of Permaculture. 

Presentation and group discussion 

Twelve practical basic principles  

Presentation of permaculture basic practical Tasarımı principles, with some examples and illustrations using B. Mollison and D. Holmgreen inspirations and our group experiences. 


Activity 1: Listening nature and finding the patterns and resources. Preparation of personal map of whishes (each one or small groups prepares a basic draft of their place or community plot to be Tasarımıed at Ocaklar/Erdek throughout the course) 

Activity 2: How the principles and role playing how it work 

some of the principles and applications taken from B. Mollison and others and his experience across the world.   Slide show & role play 


DAY 3: 16 August 

Landscape & Site Assessment 


How to read the landscape and natural patterns. 

Technics and observation of landforms and gathering information. 

Activity : Guided raid through the place and observation of nature and processes. Looking for the individual experiences and sharing class knowledges. 


A ride through a community facility to ‘Pasalimanı’ local community project. We will be gathering information on vegetation and fauna, local micro and macro geological and ecological processes, social situation and learning how to present them. 


DAY 4: 17 August 

Soil, Gardening, Edible plants & It’s Diversity 


Activity 1. Soil test 

Activity 2. Building a compost/hot compost 

Activity 3. Building a spiral herb garden 


Presentation:  Every group shares their experience/skills with the large group. 

Guest Speaker: 

Vehbi Ersöz has experience more than 10 years as an organic producer and sells at Şişli and Kartal Organic Market/Istanbul and takes box orderders. 


DAY 5: 18 August 

Water & water Harvesting 


Identifying natural sources and its cycles, purify and treatment techniques, storage, harvesting, use and conservation *aquaculture*. 

Practice 1: Purifying water 

Practice 2 : Making a gray water plant treatment system or artificial wetland (Creating a rain Garden). 

Practice 3 : Swales 


Presenttaion: The way people in the Caribe (Colombia, Panamá, Guatemala,Cuba and other places) hyper-oxygenates water in a bottle and set it for couple of days exposed to the plain sun to kill bacteria 

Planning/ building a dry latrine. 


DAY 6: 19 August 

Air & Climate 

Building resiliency in Climate change. Understanding micro climates. 


The impact of small autonomic communities and the CO2 and energy economy  

Climate Justice & discussion based on Turkey’s drought & floats etc.  

Practice: Building shelter beds for plants and animals 


Energy & Technology: 

Learn how to become more self reliant and energy efficient. 

Practice1: Build a fruit/herbs dryer with local materials and see for some fruits of local interest 

Pactice 2: Building a magic pot 

Social experience on that: Solar cooking and local development in Chile and Colombia and other places 


DAY 7: 20 August 


Orchards, Row Crops & Animals -chicken, bee , goat/sheep & cow 

The best crops for climate and site characteristics. Planting and propagation. Small animals 

Practice 1: Pruning and crafting. 


Practice 3: Building an integrated chickens house / composting / greenhouse system. 

The technic has to be included if it is to be used by the local people. 

Guest speaker: 

Kadir Dadan- Another Food  Is Possible Ocaklar/ERDEK 


DAY 8: 21 August 


Integrating Animals & Forestry 

Grazing and forestry management 

Basis of community successions and Tasarımı in general and for the place. 

Practice: Planting a tree with companions. (Natural spontaneous yard and community analysis for the place) 

Built Environment , Healthy Home & Ecobuilding: 

Eco building and construction: Use of local materials, straw, wood, mud, stones, wastes like bottles, plastic, cans, tires … Examples across the world.. Living within nature, with nature, and in nature 

Practice : Building a straw wall and warm place for the chicken/compost/winter house integrated system 


Hazards & Catastrophes: 

Natural,social & economic hazards 

Practice: Simulation of disaster and solutions for sanitation, water and food, social integration and other issues about. 

Different groups propose solutions earthquake, general strike and  war situation e.g how to build a  refugee camp, an intercultural gathering, an ecological disaster in Turkey. 

EVENING: A SKYPE connection with an  eco-community in Latin America-El Bosque “Blowing in The Wind” ecovillage in Chile 


DAY 9: 22 August 

Urban Living 

Ideas for retrofitting cities. Building eco-communities alternative economy and development. 

Case Study: Co-ops and ecovillage examples in Turkey. 

Guest speaker: 

 Abdullah Aysu-Turkish Peasant Sendicate 

Agriculture of Turkey and the Movement 

Economy & Alternative Currency 

Practice: or Role playing about barter system/community exchange and gift economy. 

Planning a community orchards and city harvesting systems. 

Cultures & Invisibles: 

Community building, decision making and conflict resolution. 

Local organic communities and federalism 

Power management and the making of state (the view from Clastres) 

Remaking Society. 

Ecovillages across the world: high diversity, higher potentialities, higher politics. 

Myths, beliefs and religions from people. 

Braking the pipelines: A metaphor of dependence and the problem of size of the solution. Comments on the remaking of freedom. 


Group Project presentations 

Making the future: Negotiations, agreements, links, future activities and compromises within the group and between students and us. 

Initiation to Change the World through permaculture & social engagement 


Each evening a permaculture movie/slayt show and diyalog!!! 

We are trying to make more SKYPE connection with different  ecovillages from other Latin American countries. Feel free to ask intriguing questions during this interactive communication.


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