Kendine Yeterli Toplum: Yerellik ve Doğayla Uyumlu Ekolojik Yaşam


Emet has been fascinated and inspired by natural forms and human interaction from a young age. Through her participation in the traditional community planting and harvesting festivals, she found her love for stewardship and community, and has been sharing her experience and vision ever since. As an accomplished geophysical engineer, who has worked as a seismologist for the Technical University of İstanbul for 14 years. She decided in 1998 to invest her studies and efforts around healthy and restorative community building and completed:

  • Diploma of ecotourism, in Australia, 2000.

  • First permaculture certificate, 1997 In Turkey and advanced level along with the establishment of the Innermost Gardens project which is her own initiative, in Aotearoa/New Zealand (NZ) 2009 .

  • Gender and Development post graduate study at Melbourne University Australia, 2006.

  • Transition Towns certificate and active involvement and support to establish a community orchard in South Wellington, 2008-2009.

  • International conference speaker/presenter in Gender and Ecology since 2006-

  • North-West Permaculture Convergence presenter since 2009 in the US.

  • Publishing editor and the contributor of the book Kadınlar Ekolojik Dönüşümde published by Yeni İnsan Yayınevi in Turkey, 2010.

  • Permaculture aid project instructor after Van eartquake in Turkey, 2012.

  • Organic Land Management Certificate, Seattle, US 2011.

Emet mostly lives in Seattle since 2009 and enjoys growing and producing her own as well as foraging in a cool climate. She offers ecological design and ecological practicum workshops both in Turkey and The US.  Her dream is to empower to many communities towards a resilient social ecological community.and continue to learn from each other. Currently, She is working on a book project about Food Sovereignty. Some of her writings can be accessed at and

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